Advanced Computer & Data Communications is not your typical computer repair store. We do the work on your desktops and laptops. We also offer the services that help businesses thrive and grow. The biggest difference is the personal effort we make for our customers. Not many companies offer the personal consultation to the customers that will help free of charge. We put ourselves in the customer's shoes. We offer some of the lowest rates in Trumbull, Mahoning, and the surrounding counties. We have set rates for some of our services, but most are based on hourly rates. We will even come to you.

      ACD Communications opened in April of 2011. We have been growing ever since. We like to think it is due to the attention we pay to our customers and the promptness to the job at hand. With over 15 years of and a number of specialties at our disposal, we are your one stop for all of your communication needs. We can handle any cabling we need up to 110v electrical outlets. Staff members with experience of Time Warner and CenturyLink services.

     ACD Communications is the type of company that you can tell your friends and family about. We will give you that neighborly feeling when you use our service. Not that typical "get in line" mentality. Services that are fast and efficient at a reasonable price is what you get when you come to us.




 Advanced Computer & Data Communications has been in business since April of 2011. It was started by Stephen Simpson, an IT specialist with over 15 years of experience in dealing with both the personal consumers and business. He got his start in the military working in the medical field as the Lab technician and medic helping the hospital IT department with integration of new projects being brought in. He has worked for an on-site repair company in Florida, as well as serving as the assistant IT Administrator for the local hospital. Upon moving back to Ohio, he working in technical support for both a satellite company and then as an installer for Time Warner Cable for both residential and business services. As the economy has been bad recently in Northeast Ohio, he was laid off. He then decided to open his own shop to help rebuild the community back the best way he knew how, by providing affordable, reliable computer service for the people of Trumbull County.


     Advanced Computer & Data Communications provides computer repair for both residential and business customers. They provide a full service parts store that is sorely lacking in the area. They repair laptop screens, keyboards, and power issues. Cracked screens for smart phones and tablets are also handled.


     For businesses, there is a wide variety of solutions from managed services, email, web hosting and design, domain management, and cloud services are soon to come. Phone systems and surveillance systems are also available.



The Mission of Advanced Computer & Data Communications  is provide a reliable and trustworthy IT Company that the Mahoning Valley and surrounding areas can look to. Our friendly and personal customer service staff will help guide, problem solve, and assist for all our customer's technology needs.


Advanced Computer & Data Communications lives by three simple rules:


1.  Always provide prompt and friendly service.

2.  Listen and to the problem and the needs of the customer before formulating a plan. Speak to the customer like       you would want to and make sure you are speaking on their level of understanding.

3.  Stop and think of potential issues that need to be addressed and if you are not sure of the issue, tell the customer and assure them that you will get to the bottom of it.



Providing reliable and efficient service is always the goal of the company. We take the privacy and security of information at highest regard. We strive to provide prompt, professional, and proactive service for all our customers because that is what is expected.


When customers come in, we naturally get asked many questions. Below is listed a few questions that we feel are important to know about us.

  • 1. Why should we use ACD Communications?

    A:ACD Communications is not like the typical computer store. Most computer companies are stuffy and talk to clients over their heads. For us, customer service is our main priority. We treat our clients like they are part of the family. With our down to earth attitude we still maintain that professional service that will make you feel right at home.

  • 2. How does ACD Communications work?

    A:ACD Communications lives by one main rule "If we are not smart enough to tell you what is wrong, then we don't deserve your money." We don't require any payment up front unless specialty parts are needed to be ordered. Once we figure out what is wrong, if your don't want it fixed, all we ask is a $30.00 bench fee for our time. No matter how much time it took     us to figure out the issue. There is no point in paying an arm and a leg if it isn't worth to fix it!

  • 3. What Makes ACD Communications different from all the others?

    A:In addition to our family oriented customer service attitude, we can be your one stop shop for all your electronic and computer needs. Most Computer companies focus on just business or a specific area of the industry. We provide repair, cell phone services, web services, both business and residential. See all that we can do for you!

  • 4. When is the best time to come in and do I need an appointment?

    A:ACD Communications is open and available at our store from 10am to 6pm Monday through Saturday. No appointment is necessary. We have on-call staff available for emergency needs 24/7/365. Call our office and if we are closed you will be prompted to reach the on-call technician.

Advanced Computer & Data Communicatons Inc.


We are not your typical Computer repair company. Most IT companies focus on one area or product. ACD Communications is your one-stop location to meet all your IT needs. We make sure you can come to us for everything from computer repair to security  to television services. We only deal with the best . Our personal attitude toward our customers means you don't have to worry about  getting the run around or not knowing what to expect. Come see us to find out more.

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Between out staff and our affiliate partners, we will make sure to guide you in the right area to meet all your IT and technology needs.


We're here for you

Our mission is to treat all our customers just as we would treat our own mother or grandparents. Our personal attitude will always leave you with a smile and coming back for more. Leave the hard thinking to us.

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1925 Youngstown Road SE

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1925 Youngstown Road SE

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