Standard Break/ Fix Services


Advanced Computer & Data Communications takes pride in the fact that we have a wide diversity of services that we offer the public. Whether you are a business or basic consumer, you are a fit for us. We are constantly expanding and offering new services.


We have a number of services that we offer a flat fee repair for. These services are offered this way because they either have a set way of completing the task and how long it takes or we just don't want to tell a customer one thing and then it turns out that it took longer and the customer is hit with something they did not expect.


For all those other repairs, we have a set hourly rate. These fall under our Break/Fix Repairs. This could range from a power issue that needs tracked down to finding out where a short is coming from on your motherboard. For these issues repairs are:


$60.00 Per hour

1 Hour minimum

Business Rates


Businesses generally have more sophisticated equipment and other liabilities that are required for their repairs. We have to think about the data implications and networking issues as well. Because of these issues, these services would fall into one of two tiers


Standard Workstation repair:  $90.00 Per hour


Networking or Server issues: $120.00 Per hour

We offer on-site support for almost all our services. Keep in mind that when we are on-site, we are dedicated to your repair. Charges are based from the time we arrive to the time we are completed. There are many times that we will need to run diagnostics and and other software to complete our job, so remember computer repair is tedious work.

There is no difference the rates for on-site repair, It falls under break/ fix rates, but a trip charge is added to all calls @ 10.00 minimum based on mileage costs of 54 cents per mile. We will service directly up to 100 miles, covering Cleveland, Akron, Pittsburgh, and even down to Columbus.


Virus Removal


Virus removal is one of your Fixed fee repairs. We never know how long it will take to remove the infections from your computer. We use multiple softwares and even have to manually remove infected files . During our service we update your operating system with newest patches. This serves 2 purposes, rootkit infections often render updates disabled so that it can hide in the background. Making sure they work is a check we use to make sure they are not there. The second is because updates fix security issues within Windows and making sure you stay updated helps prevent future infections from happening.


  • Infection removal
  • Startup program cleanup
  • Harmful program removal
  • Registry cleaning
  • Performance evaluation
  • 1 year antivirus subscription



Only $120.00

Microsoft Certified Refurbishment


Advanced Computer & Data Communications is the only fully Certified Microsoft Refurbisher in the Mahoning Valley. This means that your older system can get the Operating system upgrade you need for:


  • Cheaper
  • Faster
  • Legally


Here are come facts that you need to be made aware of when dealing with computer companies and Microsoft Licensing. Standard computer stores like to not follow these rules when dealing with old machines. Beware of companies that say they can upgrade you operating system without asking:


  1. How much? Licensing is over $100.00 you are not a refurbisher. Anything less is not a legal copy.
  2. Are you getting a new COA sticker on your machine. The sticker on the side of your machine is your proof that you own that license
  3. Is the machine new or used. All used machines must have a license transfer form from Microsoft or be relicensed. The only way to not do this is if there is a recovery partition on the original Hard drive.



Because we are licensed to refurbish, we are able to offer the licenses at a much lower cost than that of the other companies. Come is and see us

Custom-Built Machines


We build and manufacture some of the top-of-the-line gaming machines. Whether you want AMD or Intel, Water-cooled or open-air, it doesn't matter. Our experts will sit down with you and find out what specifically you want out of your machine. We build machines for multiple uses.


  • Gaming
  • Data Mining
  • Server management
  • Database
  • Virtualization


The choice is up to you. We let you go as far as you want to go. Pick your case, processor, over-clocking, it doesn't matter



$180.00 plus parts

1 year warranty on build

Apple Repair


Advanced Computer & Data Communications has recently alligned itself with iCracked, an Apple focused repair company that focuses on cell and tablet repairs. In addition to the training and certifications awarded through iCracked, we will repair all apple devices phone or otherwise. We have over 15 years in working with Mac and OS X operating systems. You can rest assured that your in good hands with us.


Not many companies will even work on Apple computers. This is mostly due to the level of expertise that is required to work on them. They do not function like you typical Windows personal computers. Their hardware are set up and specifically designed for Apple. You can not simply go grab a Hard drive from Best Buy and throw it into an Apple computer. They are best left to the professionals



$90 Per hour for Computers

$50 Per Hour on Phone and Tablet



Advanced Computer & Data Communications is one of leading electronic repair locations in the area.


We focus currently on replacement component soldering to include:


  1. Cell phone charging port replacement
  2. Television board repair and replacement
  3. Radio and CB repair
  4. Component level circuit board testing
  5. Motherboard Charging Jack repair
  6. Anything with a circuit board


We have been getting a lot of request lately about gaming consoles. We are in the process of looking into a department specific to gaming console repair . We will keep you posted on this development. Sign up for our Newletter to follow up coming events and changes to the company.  It is located at the top of the page.

Data Recovery Services


Computer not running, not being able to boot to your drive?

We can help!!!

Between our technicians and our Outsourced clean room Facility, you can rest assured that we can recover your data for you. Our clean-room is state-of-the-Art and can offer:


Circuit board repair or replacement

Firmware flash

Data recovery

Bad sector repair

Master boot record repair

Computer Forensics

Vitrual machine file repair


Standard Data Recovery starts at $40.00


additional fees may apply base on the extent of the repair.


If we require it to be sent to our lab for repair the price will be:


This covers basic hardware repair to the drive.


Clean Room and Forensic costs will receive a Quote after inspection.

Advanced Computer & Data Communicatons Inc.


We are not your typical Computer repair company. Most IT companies focus on one area or product. ACD Communications is your one-stop location to meet all your IT needs. We make sure you can come to us for everything from computer repair to security  to television services. We only deal with the best . Our personal attitude toward our customers means you don't have to worry about  getting the run around or not knowing what to expect. Come see us to find out more.

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Between out staff and our affiliate partners, we will make sure to guide you in the right area to meet all your IT and technology needs.


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Our mission is to treat all our customers just as we would treat our own mother or grandparents. Our personal attitude will always leave you with a smile and coming back for more. Leave the hard thinking to us.

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