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Elina Karokhina and ensemble Barynya "Balalaika Music Album"

Ensemble Barynya Album 2011 Balalaika virtuoso Elina Karokhina & Russian dance and music ensemble Barynya compact disk Balalaika Music Album (2011). Elina Karokhina (balalaika), Leonid Bruk (balalaika-contrabass), Mikhail Smirnov (guitar, vocals). Elina Karokhina is Russia’s top balalaika player and a musician of international renown. Her speed, grace, and fluidity on the instrument must be seen and heard to believe. She began her formal training at the Mussorgsky College of St. Petersburg and continued her training at the Rimskii-Korsakov Conservatory, which included a residency in Germany. She returned to her native St. Petersburg, where she earned her Doctorate of Music/Balalaika... MP3 samples, order

01. Gypsy Medley.mp3
02. The Moon Is Shining.mp3
03. Kalinka.mp3
04. Jewish Valenki.mp3
05. I Met You.mp3
06. Kamarinskaya.mp3
07. Bruk's Medley.mp3
08. Dr.Zhivago Lara.mp3
09. Ural's Dance.mp3
10. WWII Medley.mp3
11. Jewish Medley.mp3
12. Polonaise.mp3
13. Rondo Alla Turca.mp3
14. Chardash.mp3
15. Husband Forsed Me.mp3
16. Semyonovna.mp3
17. Mountan Ash Tree.mp3
18. Paganini.mp3
19. Schnittke.mp3
20. Sailors' Dance.mp3
21. Two Guitars.mp3
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Ethnic Russian music album by ensemble "Barynya"

Logo of Ensemble Barynya Ethnic Russian Music Album recorded by New York based Russian dance and music ensemble Barynya in December 2006. Recording was made in Philadephia, PA ("AS IS RECORDING STUDIO", Alex Siniavski, owner). Album contains favorite Russian melodies and songs "The Moon is shining brightly", "Two Guitars", "Katyusha", "Moscow nights", "Korobushka", "Kupets", "Stakanchiki" and others performed on Russian garmoshka, balalaika, Gypsy and classic guitars and contrabass-balalaika.

"Stakan'chiki granyonye"(Faceted vodka glasses).MP3
"Domoi vozvrashayutsya ptitsy"(Birds are coming home).MP3
"Akh, ty, Beryoza"(Birch-tree).MP3
"Po Dikim Stepyam Zabakailiya"(Along wild steppes of Zabaikalie).MP3
"Dve Gitary"(Two guitars).MP3
"Ekhal iz yarmarkee ukhar' kupets"(Daring merchant returning from the market).MP3

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"Russia's favorite songs" album by Alexander Menshikov

Vodka Glasses- Стаканчики.MP3
By The Fields - При лужке.MP3
Dari-Dari - И льётся песня.MP3
Wild Steppes Of Baikal - По диким степям Забайкалья.MP3

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Russian Garmoshka Traditional Music Album

Mikhail Smirnov Russian party songs performed on Russian garmoshka by garmonist (Russian garmoshka player) Misha Smirnov in February 2007. This recording was made possible by New York based singers-songwriters, Russian bard musicians Yuriy and Viktor Tenman from at Villa Nova recording studio, Staten Island, NY.

Kogda b Imel Zlatye Gory ("What If I have had mountains of gold?").MP3
Vinovata Li Ya ("Am I guilty if I am in love?").MP3
Moroz, Moroz! ("Father Frost").MP3
Subboteya ("Saturday Affair").MP3

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Russian folk music, song and dance album

Barynya 2006
Russian, Ukrainian, Cossack and Gypsy folk music album, ensemble Barynya live at at John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
TRACK 12. "I MET YOU".mp3
TRACK 19. "LARA".mp3
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"Barynya Russian folk songs" Album

Name of the song in English
size (KB)
Name of the song in Russian
Andreev's Waltz 2653 Val's Andreeva
Birch-tree 1246 Ah, ty, beryoza
By the long road 2470 Dorogoi dlinnoyu
Evening Bells 1698 Vecherny Zvon
Gori 1698 Gori, gori, lyubov' tsyganki
I met you 3531 Ya vstretil Vas
Kalinka 2844 Kalinka
Katyusha 1374 Katyusha
The Moon is shining 2078 Svetit mesyats
Moscow nights 2485 Podmoskovnye vechera
Murka 2284 Murka
Nadya 1541 Devochka Nadya
Dark Eyes 3325 Ochi Chernye
Steppe 1913 Step', da step' krugom
Tzar Nicolai 1475 Tsar' Nikolai
Compact disk "Barynya Russian folk songs" by balalaika virtuoso  Alex Siniavski and Misha Smirnov (guitar), compact disk cover by artist Yury Tarler
Compact Disk recorded by balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski, guitar - Mikhail Smirnov in Buddhist Center at West Upsal Street, Philadelphia, PA, cover by artist Yury Tarler. There are Russian folk songs, dances, tunes and popular Russian standards on the disk including "Dark Eyes", "Kalinka", "Katyusha", "Moscow nights", "Murka", "Evening bells" and "Devochka Nadya"
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Russian Christmas Music Balalaika Album

Compact disk "Russian Christmas Music Balalaika Album" by balalaika virtuoso  Alex Siniavski and Mikhail Smirnov (guitar, garmoshka, vocal)

Carol of Bells (Ukrainian folk song Shchedrik) mp3
Deck The Halls mp3
Father Frost (Russian folk song Moroz, Moroz) mp3
Jingle Bells mp3
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas mp3
Joy To The World mp3
Folk Carol from Smolensk region of Russia mp3
Snowstorm (Russian folk song Metelitsa) mp3
Snow Maiden (Snegurochka) mp3

Russian Christmas Music Balalaika Album recorded by acclaimed balalaika virtuoso Alex Siniavski and Mikhail Smirnov (guitar, garmoshka, vocal), director of New York based Russian folk dance and music ensemble Barynya. There are 25 favorite Russian Christmas and Holiday selections performed on balalaika and guitar. There is one folk Russian Christmas Carol recorded by Mikhail Smirnov in folklore expedition in Smolensk region of Russia in 1988 (track 13). Track # 5 - Father Frost - performed on Russian folk button accordion garmoshka. Total time - 51 minutes.
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"Beyond The Don River Russian folksongs"

Song name in English
size (KB)
Song name in Russian
Beyond The Don River 1896 Kak za Donom za rekoi
Saturday Affair 2674 Subboteya
A Nut Tree in the Field 964 Vo pole oreshina
The Don Cossacks 1324 Kak Donskie kazaki
Do Not Wind The Threads 2156 Ty mne nitki ne motai
Village, Four Yards 785 Derevnya, derevnya, chetyre dvora
Stenka Razin`s Dream 2550 Son Stepana Razina
O, Extreme Cold 2038 Oi, moroz, moroz
Katiusha 2412 Katiusha
Blooming Guilder Tree 3004 Oi, tsvetyot kalina
At the Blacksmith 1866 Vo kuznitse
Quips With Garmoshka 2300 Chastushki pod garmoshku
The peddler 2338 Korobushka
Shorty 1754 Nedorostok
Moscow Nights 2730 Podmoskovnye vechera
Varen'ka 2104 Oi, Varen'ka, Varen'ka
Men`s Quips With Balalaika 2190 Muzskie stradaniya pod balalaiku
Varenichki 1516 Varenichki
Natalia 2164 Natalia
Russian folk duo Misha and Natasha from Russia compact disk "Beyond The Don River Russian folksongs" was released by RUSA Records, Philadelphia, PA. There are Russian folk lymericks, Cossacks ballads and marching songs, popular tunes and chastushki with accompaniment of garmoshka, guitar and balalaika. CD cover by artist Vladimir Nekrasov
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Compact disk "Beyond The Don River Russian folksongs", CD cover by artist Vladimir Nekrasov

"Sergey Gusarov" Russian songs and balalaika music Album

Sergey Gusarov MP3 - music Alex Siniavski, lyrics Mikhail Smirnov, vocal A. Menshikov
"Nese Galya vodu.." (Galya) MP3 - Folk song
"Korobushka" (The Peddler) MP3 - folk tune
"Kak vstavala ya ranyoshen'ko" (Kalinka) MP3 - Russian folk song
"Telefonny zvonok" (Night Call) MP3 - music Alex Siniavski, vocal A. Menshikov
"Pidmanula" MP3 Folk song
"Dance of Russian Sailors" MP3 Russian folk tune, arrangement by Alex Siniavski
"Okolitsa" (Village Fence) MP3 - music Alex Siniavski, vocal A. Menshikov, M.Smirnov
"Don Cossack's marching song" MP3 Cossacks folk song
"Subboteya" (Saturday Affair) MP3 - Russian folk song
"Varenichki" MP3 Folk song
"Gypsy Guitar" MP3 Gypsy tune by Alex Siniavski
Compact disk "Sergey Gusarov" by New York based Russian folk music and dance ensemble Barynya CD recorded by New York based Russian folk music and dance ensemble Barynya. Professional dancers, folk singers, conservatory graduated musicians. Traditional Russian instruments: balalaika, garmoshka, gusli, lozhki, kugikly, treshotki, vertushki. Colorful stage costumes: "sarafans", "rubashkas", "sapogis", "kosovorotkas".
CD released by "AS IS recording" in Philadelphia, USA.
Total time is 60 minutes.
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Music of the world on the Russian balalaika
Balalaika virtuoso Lev Zabeginsky Live in St. Petersburg

Lev Zabeginsky 1.  Russian Medley (Two Step, Blue Baloon Waltz, Kazachok)
2.  Laura's Theme (Jare/Webster)
3.  Hungarian Dance Number Five (Brahms)
4.  Three Melodies From Eastern Europe
5.  Russian Medley (Two Guitars, Moscow Nights, Kalinka)
6.  Fiddler On The Roof (Bock)
7.  Greek Medley (Never On Sunday, Zorba)
8.  Russian Medley (Polyushko-Poley, Volga Boatman, Those Were The Days)
9.  When The Saint's Go Marchin' In
10. Dark Eyes

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Bibs Ekkel: Russian Gypsy Music Balalaika Albums

Bibs Ekkel Born in 1946 in England of mixed Polish-English background, Bibs Ekkel is both musician and linguist. His career as one of very few outstanding professional balalaika players outside Russia has brought him much recognition worldwide, including in the balalaika's Motherland, where he has performed on radio and TV as well as at Moscow's prestigious "Hall of Columns" and "Tchaikovsky Hall". In addition to concerts, cabarets, recordings, movie soundtracks, radio and TV he has had speaking and playing roles in many films and BBC-TV productions, where he has also worked as advisor on Romany or Russian music themes for movies such as: "The Man Who Knew Too Little", "The Saint", "Yasha the Liar". He has lectured on Balalaika, Russian Gypsy music and language at a variety of US Universities, co-authored a BBC radio educational series and written and presented programs on another subject, the Russian singer Peter Lescenco, for BBC World Service. Other instruments Bibs Ekkel plays include: domra, guitar, garmoshka, piano, and gusli. Apart from solo balalaika albums and various recordings he has recorded several albums with his group "Tziganka". This highly successful emigre music and dance ensemble has been touring internationally, performing concerts and cabaret, since Bibs founded it in 1975. Some of the group's records have been issued on such labels as "Russkiy disk", Moscow, CBS Israel and "Decca", London.

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Russkaya Vodka
Zastavil menya muzh
Autumn Dream
Hoyka, hoyka!
Spoite, Tsiganie!
My Girl Marusya
Couchman, Drive me to the Yar
Farewell, My Gypsy Camp
End Of Road
American March
Moscow Nights
Moon Is Shining
Russian Medley
Moldavian Dance
Under The Apple Tree
Turkish Rondo (Mozart)
Russian Dance Medley
The Long Road
Black Eyes

"Russian folk songs" CD by singer Aleksander Menshikov

Aleksandr Menshikov compact disk "Oh, my dear Russia"
Russian folk singer Aleksandr Menshikov was born in small Russian town of Bugulma (Now republic of Tatarstan) where during Russian civil war famous Czech writer Jaroslav Hasek was appointed by a communist party as a town's political commissar. Aleksandr has got professional education from in Musical Gnesin's Institute in Moscow, USSR. He made United States his home in 1992.
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Name of the song in English
size (KB)
Name of the song in Russian
Forelock.mp3 1175 Чубчик
My dear Russia.mp3 1071 Гой, ты Русь моя родная
As my mother said good by.mp3 979 Как родная меня мать провожала
Have fun, folks.mp3 1241 Гуляй, братва
Wild Steppes of Baikal.mp3 1558 По диким степям Забайкалья
Bitter foreign land.mp3 933 Ах, горька мне чужбинушка
By the fields.mp3 1303 При лужке
Your Honour.mp3 1168 Ваше благородие
Letter to mother.mp3 1921 Письмо к матери
Gypsy.mp3 1144 И льётся песня
Glasses.mp3 1006 Стаканчики
Birds are coming back home.mp3 1479 Домой возвращаются птицы
Do not wake me up.mp3 1568 Не будите


Dark Eyes.mp3
Moscow Nights.mp3
Volga Boatmen.mp3
Two Guitars.mp3
Maple (Esenin).mp3
Along Petersburg.mp3
Compact Disk recorded by singer Nikolai Massenkoff
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"Evening Bells" ("Vecherniy Zvon")         
"I Loved You..." ("Ya Vas Lyubil")         
"Day And Night" ("Dyen' Ee Noch")
"Burch Colored Rings" ("Byeryezoviye Zlaty Kolyechiki")
"Coachman" ("Yamsheek")
Guitar solo
Violin Solo
"Only Once In A Life Time" ("Tolko Raz")
"Return To Me" ("Vyernis")
"Two Guitars" ("Dvye Gitary")
"Those Were The Days" ("Dorogoi Dlinnoyuo")
"Moscow, The Gold Domed One..." ("Maskva Zlatoglavaya")
"Uncomparable You Are..." ("Net Na Svetey")
"I Do Not Regret" ("Nye Zhalyeyou")
Russian folk singer Nikolai Masenkoff Show
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Расставались у березки

Расставались у березки, не сдержалась плакала,
На батистовую блузку часты слезы капали,
На батистовую блузку часты слезы капали.

Он сказал мне: "Дорогая, нечего печалится,
Я вернусь когда в березках зелень закурчавится,
Я вернусь когда в березках зелень закурчавится."

Не утешили девченку клятвы обещания,
Раставанье у березки на всю жизнь прощание

Download Расставались у березки.MP3

Balalaika music album "Heart On The Snow"

Balalaika RusseThe Balalaika Russe - "Heart On The Snow" Album Since its inception in the early 1970's, the BALALAIKA RUSSE has grown in popularity and proficiency and is now considered the finest ensemble of its kind in the USA. This colorful sextet has performed from Washington to Maine and Europe, at such venues as society balls and affairs, at local church halls, outdoor concerts and festivals, weddings, club dates, and on the concert stage.... MP3 samples, order

Tracks from this recording are available to download for free for all members of a Russian dance, music and song ensemble BARYNYA group on Yahoo. Email addresses of group members never shared with anybody ever. Mikhail Smirnov, director and founder of Barynya posts there dates of upcoming performances, news, new albums and dvd releases. Group is moderated, unrelated spam is not welcome... read group archives.

Track 01: Gori, Gori, Lyubov Tsyganki ("Burn, Burn, Gypsy Love") MP3
Track 02: Krasota Rossii ("The Beauty of Russia") MP3
Track 03: Moyi Tsyganochki ("My Dear Gypsies") MP3
Track 04: Odesskaya Panama ("My Dear Wore a Panama Hat") MP3
Track 05: Shto Mne Gore ("What's Grief to Me?") MP3
Track 06: Bandura Medley (Ukrainian Folk Songs) MP3
Track 07: Serdtse na Snegu ("Heart on the Snow") MP3
Track 08: Konfetki, Baranochki ("Candy and Cakes") MP3
Track 09: Propil Styopa ("Steve Got Drunk") MP3
Track 10: Uralskaya Ryabinushka ("The Ural Rowan Tree") MP3
Track 11: "Springtime" Polka MP3
Track 12: Cheremshyna ("The Cherry Tree") MP3
Track 13: Bal'naya Lezginka (Ballroom folk dance "Lezginka") MP3
Track 14: Khochu Lyubit ("I Want to Love") MP3
Track 15: Podmoskovnye Vechera ("Moscow Nights") MP3
Track 16: Rushnychok ("The Embroidered Cloth") MP3
Track 17: Kohanochka ("Sweetheart") MP3
Track 18: Snegopad ("Snowfall") MP3
Track 19: Korobushka ("The Peddler's Pack") MP3
Track 20: Russian Tango Medley MP3
Track 21: Polso ("Why Fall in Love?") MP3
Track 22: Laska Waltz ("Caress Waltz") MP3
Track 23: Soldiers' Songs MP3

Marina Zhuravleva MP3 files - Марина Журавлева на mp3

Marina Zhuravleva Russian singer Marina Zhuravleva is currently based in Calgary, Canada. She is a professional performer of popular Russian songs, traditional songs of old Russia, and Russian Gypsy repertoire. Marina was born in town of Khabarovsk, the second largest city in the Russian Far East after Vladivostok. Khabarovsk is located 30 kilometers from the Chinese-Russian border. Marina started singing and playing piano when she was four years old. She graduated from the Mineralovodsky Musical College in Russia with a Diploma of Music Teacher.

If you want to listen to Russian singer Marina Zhuravlyova's MP3 files you need to join RMDA.US group on Yahoo. Membership is free, your email will not be shared with anyone, group is moderated, unrelated spam is not welcome.... Read group archives.

The Hope
Light Wind
Moscow The Golden Doomed One
A Small Star
The Red Guelder-Rose Tree
Gypsy Song
DArk Eyes
The Nightingale
Blue lakes
Not guilty of love
By The Long Road
Moscow Nights


Чтобы прослушать бесплатные записи певицы Марины Журавлёвой в MP3 формате необходимо быть членом группы RMDA.US. Членство бесплатное, Ваш email никогда и никому не будет раскрыт, группа без спама. Почитать архивы новостей группы.

Москва Златоглавая
Калина красная
Нанэ Цоха
Очи чёрные
Гляжу в озёра синие
Виновата ли я
Дорогой длинною
Подмосковные вечера

100% legal Russian music for motion pictures, television shows, dance troupes, videogames, interactive media, etc

Russian music for motion pictures, television shows and videogames
Russian music for motion pictures, television shows and videogames

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